TamTam 50 with Nest

New product

  • Beautiful!
  • No screwing.
  • For every cat.
  • To scratch. To play. To idle.
  • Natural sisal on the outer side. Wood on the inner side.
  • Inner diameter: 50 cm.

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1 449,00 zł tax incl.

Data sheet

Weight [kg] - Without cat! 25
Length [cm] 54
Width [cm] 54
Height [cm] 91

More info

Cotec TamTam 50 with Nest

Useful and beautiful.

Scratching tube Cotec TamTam 50 is a perfect, compact and wonderful cat scratcher. Its universal size make it suitable to fulfil Cat’s basic needs concerning scratching, fun and lazines.


On the outer side of TamTam 50 tube You will find more than 1,3  scratching carpet made of natural sisal agave fiber. Its uncomparable sustainability works out the best when confronted to Cat’s claws. Relevant placement of the sisal facing guarantees its long-lasting usability, and keeps an unique design in perfect condition over the years.


Cotec TamTam 50 is equipped in a innovative passage-system, that ensures Your Cat great fun between tube levels and gives an alternate escape way to Your Cat, what makes Him feel safer. In case if Your Cat isn’t supposed to run between the levels – it is easy to close them with specially designed wooden covers. Main entrance to every level is also made of wood.


Cotec tubes – because of common Cats’ habits – was designed to make it extremely easy to keep them clean. Inner of the TamTam 50 tube is finished with 100% lacked wood! Every pillow is sewed from the most suitable for Cats fabric. It is easy to clean, hygroscopic, anti-allergic, claw-resistant, sensuous, soft and comfortable. Cleaning cannot be easier. Scratcher can be placed on any flat location. Cotec tube is 100% stable – so have no fear, it can handle even the bigger Cat.

I'd love to have it!

What more do you need to do to make Your Cat happy?

  • Choose the wood colour.
  • Choose the pillows colour.
  • Choose the sisal facing colour.
  • Wait a bit.
  • Take it off the box and place Cotec TamTam 50 in a suitable location.

We ensure your cat’s satisfaction and we give 36-month guarantee for it!

Please notice to take of your cat from the scratcher from time to time ;).


Additional information.

  • On the outer side of the tube 100% natural and sustainable wowen sisal facing – 6mm thick. It is fixed in the way that maximizes its long-lasting usability.
  • Plates and passages are made of 18mm thick plywood and lacked with A++ quality lacks. Safe for pets, kids and home.
  • Inner of the tube is made of 3mm thick plywood and lacked with A++ quality lacks. Safe for pets, kids and home.
  • Pillow fabric claw-resistance is proofed in Martindale test – can handle more than 200 000 abrasion cycles.
  • Made with care of every detail, by Cats’ passionates.
  • Ready to use just out of the box.
  • 36-month guarantee.


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