Vaderi 300

New product

VADERI 300 is:

  • probably new beloved place for your Cat
  • universal resting place and practical scratcher
  • perfect place to play
  • unparalleled design and finishing
  • exceptional colour variety

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479,00 zł tax incl.

Data sheet

Weight [kg] - Without cat! 6
Length [cm] 50
Width [cm] 68
Height [cm] 44

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Cats loves to play and to laze about. Cotec Vaderi 300 scratcher is a perfect answer for those two aspects. Big practical resting place, and a open construction gives a lot possibilities to idle and to prank. Soft easy-to-clean pillow entreats to rest. The legs height was designed to make it possible to have fun under the scratcher too. Of course the key feature of the sisal facing on the outer side is to encourage Cat to scratch it instead from our furniture, which is also a great opportunity to stretch cats muscles.

Cotec Vaderi 300 is a well-thought-out solution fulfilling the cat instinct needs, while being an exceptional design piece as well. Scratcher can be placed on any flat surface. It is extremely stable and compact – so it fits to every interior. Universal dimensions fits both little and big cat size.

Choose the colour of wood, pillows and sisal facing to create your unparalleled composition to delight your little cat-friend.

Additional information:

  • 100% natural and long-lasting sisal facing on the outer side
  • legs and interior of the scratcher made from varnished plywood
  • claw-, dirt- and coat- resistant, washable pillow fixed on Velcro straps

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