In Cotec we use only 100% safe for health varnishes

While working on wood, at the end, we need to use the protective measure to reduce the impact of the external factors on the wood. We pay great attention to safe for health and enviroment friendly solutions. That is why we in doesn’t use any chemically hardened varnish (also known as acid hardened varnish) in Cotec. This type of varnish exhales carcinogenic formaldehyde during varnish application, drying and long time after application of the coating. Formaldehyde is classified as a category 1B (Carc. 1B)1) carcinogenic substance according to EC decree no. 1272/2008. The advantage of a chemical hardened varnishing is short „drying” time – just after a couple of hours is dry to the touch. Concerning our customers’ health and their cats health, it doesn’t appeal to us. In Cotec we use only 100% safe for health varnishes with the highest intoxicity factor, which can be easily used inside our houses. The companies, that are focused on their clients’ health won’t risk using a chemically hardened varnish just to spare 2 days of work. Ask your cat tree producer, what sort of varnish does he use!

Why cat scratches?

The view of a cat scratching is natural. As natural as scratching is for a cat. Natural? Better to say it is instinctive, necessary – that’s cat genes. Cats, just like dogs, need to mark their terrain – while scratching they leave a smell mark (from the glands under their paws) and a visual mark (the view of a scratched object). Both of those marks are meant to signalize cats’ presence to everyone entering the home. Our pet feels safe and knows that the place it lives in is its space. While scratching cats do also stretch their muscles and peels old claws cover. All of these activities fulfil cats needs and makes cats feel themselves comfortable in the place they live. Unfortunately scratching can be destructive for interior. Therefore, the sooner we direct cats’ needs towards a proper cat tree the better condition of the furniture we remain.

How to wean cat from scratching?

Not everyone knows, that scratching cat doesn’t want to signify its dislike towards its owner or a specific object, it is just a natural and instinctive behaviour. Therefore, please read section „Why cat scratches”.”.

Is one cat tree enough for a cat?

To fulfil some basic cat’s needs and instincts one cat tree is most often enough. But we need to pay attention to the fact that without a cat tree a cat will be scratching our furniture and other elements of the interior. In case if someone owns a big house/flat where cat scratches more than one particular place we might have to consider placing a cat tree in every one of those places. We might place a bigger cat tree in the cat’s favourite place and in those “less popular” places locate some smaller basic models. If you own more cats it is worth to place a big, extended cat tree or several smaller ones to avoid cats fight for best scratching post or rest place.

Won’t my cat scratch the wooden elements?

COTEC cat trees are made of cat-friendly elements that encourage cat to scratch particular parts of the scratcher (sisal rope, sisal facing). On the grounds of a practical and aesthetical reasons we use varnished wooden elements as well. So is there any risk that cat will scratch and damage wooden elements by scratching? Cats do most often scratch vertical surfaces, and those in which they can hook their claws (to leave a smell mark, to peel old claws cover). Varnished wood because of its texture, toughness and smoothness is not a scratching attractive element. Even if a cat scratches the wooden element accidentally, the varnish preserves the wood from severe damages and cracks.

Why my cat doesn’t want to scratch a cat tree and keeps scratching the furniture?

Most common issue after buying a cat tree is lack of interest from cat side. There are several reasons that can cause that, and the most popular are:

-bad placing: cat won’t scratch a cat tree in the place it doesn’t like to be. We need to observe our cat to place the cat tree in the place it abide the most and where people spend their time often. Cat needs to manifest to whom this place belongs.

-bad cat tree size: it is good when you understand your cat’s needs so you can choose a proper scratcher size that will fit cat’s expectations. You need to guarantee your cat a place to stretch fully. Depending on a cat’s breed and size different scrapping column lengths will meet the needs. Cotec company will gladly assist you whilst matching the best solution.

-poor stability: most cat trees on the market is lightweight and therefore unstable. Cat won’t jump on a shaky cat tree that can fall over it. Cotec cat trees are heavy and stable but to encourage a cat to use is the size need to be matched properly.

My cat is a layabout. Will he use a cat tree?

Every cat we know is more or less a layabout. No matter our pet’s temper, its instincts are quite the same. Cat needs to scratch and will scratch. For not very active cats we just need to match properly the cat tree construction. First of all, it needs to have a stair design, so cat can reach other cat tree levels consecutively and easily. Cat tree stability is very important as well, because if cat gets scared, it might discourage it. If we add our cat’s features to this equation, the choice of COTEC cat tree will be trouble-free and definitely well-chosen. In case of any questions feel free to contact us.

Won’t my cat scratch off the sisal facing from the COTEC houses and nests?

In spite of the sisal facing on the houses and nests, and the fact that elements are not meant to be scratched, there are highly resistant to it. If occasionally scratched, it won’t affect the aesthetics of this elements, and we guarantee long-lasting, trouble-free usage. Our products are meant that way, that cat scratches the sisal columns mostly, because it has an easy access to them. The other elements are treated mostly as a great place for fun and rest.

Can I replace a sisal rope on the collumns on my own?

Spooling the rope on a column isn’t an easy job (to achieve a strong, long-lasting element). Proper rope string and tight set of it on the column is extremely difficult to achieve, so we strongly recommend not to do it with your hands. However, we know everything is possible, in this case lack of experience, practice and proper equipment is the limitation in order to spool the rope strongly and durable. Despite the column construction it is the proper spooling what guarantees the superior quality and high scratching resistance. Of course we can do it on our own, but we’ll need to replace the rope more often, if we don’t use a due equipment.

Why don’t you use plush and corduroy materials?

The material used for a cat tree needs to be durable, soft, claws-resistant, stain-resistant and have to look aesthetically – because it will be used in our home by our cats. Unfortunately, most cat trees on the market is finished with the materials which doesn’t fulfil even two of this criteria. Let’s highlight some most commonly used materials in our competition products:

Corduroy and derived – fabric pull out susceptible and damageable (by claws), can be washed in washing-mashine up to 40°C, delicate material, Martindale test result from 15 000 to 70 000 cycles, rarely up to 100 000 cycles. Of course it does concern cotton corduroy, whilst, unfortunately, please observe that most common material used in cat trees is polyester or viscose corduroy. It serves its purpose, but it is not a long-lasting choice and gets worn fast.

Plush – fabric pull out susceptible, hard to clean, hand washing advised in up to 30°C, not advised to whirl, Martindale test result from 10 000 to 50 000 cycles. Its advantage is softness and can tickle one’s fancy.

Carpet – unusable for pillows, although common as upholstery for base and elements like house to which is permanently fixed. It is very durable, not measured by Martindale test (this test doesn’t apply to carpets and upholstery materials), hard to maintain and expensive in comparison to its features. Gets dusty easily and draws every fluid. Washing a normal carpet can be hard, so how hard can it be to wash a carped permanently fixed to some irregular elements? You know the answer. It serves its purpose, but after how many attempts to wash it would we like to get rid of it?

What sort of material do you use in COTEC cat trees?

While choosing the fabric we were looking for an all-or-nothing material. It was supposed to be durable, soft and resistant to everything that is related to cats. The specification of the fabric we used in COTEC pillows and covers:

- flock type fabric,

- test Martindale result - over 200 000 cycles

- highly resistant to cats claws

- pilling-resisitant - easily-cleaned

- possible to wash in washing-mashine in up to 40°C

- possible ironing in low temperatures

Our material looks astonishing. It is sensuous, soft and highly resistat to cat’s claws. It is extremely easy to clean it from cat’s fur. In case of stains you only need to drain the stain with paper towel and clean it with water, soap and microfiber cloth. Every pillow and cover can also be washed in wash-machine in temperature up to 40°C.

What is Martindale test?

Martindale Test was created to test durability of every facing fabric for abrasion? Tested fabric is placed in a special machine called Martindale Abrasion Tester. Fabric is placed on the lower plates, while the upper plates covered with abrasive material perform some circular movements. Every turn is understood as one abrasive movement under certain pressure called a cycle. The test ends when irreversible visual breakage is registered (fabric still remains in one piece!).

Fabric resistance scale:

<50 thousand cycles – average and weak abrasion resistance

<50 thousand cycles – abrasion resistant

<100 thousand cycles – high abrasion resistance

<200 thousand cycles – extremely high abrasion resistance

Why is the delivery time so long?

Cotec company is doing its best to deliver every order as soon as possible. Every product finishing is hand-made with care about every detail, what takes a lot of time. We do not tolerate any “half-baked” elements and we do want our product to present itself naturally and well-looking every time. Best quality raw materials we use aren’t always easily available. COTEC doesn’t allow compromise between time and quality – it is quality what what always wins. We guarantee, it is worth to wait a bit longer to receive a greatest possible effect.

Three years of warranty, seriously?

Every consumer has a possibility to complaint within 2 years from date of purchase regarding the nonconformity of goods with the contract. Cotec company, being completely aware of the product’s durability grants 3 years manufacturer quality warranty. It means, that no matter where have you bought your cat tree, you can feel free to contact us directly, omitting reseller, to achieve faster service, solid contact and reliable support – for 3 years! Of course you can still complain to a reseller – the choice is yours.

What is the weight of the cat tree and will I be able to assemble it on my own?

It is hard not to notice, that every Cotec cat tree weighs no few. That is necessary to make a cat tree stable and to ensure safety to the cat during usage. Our furniture regular weight is from 10 up to 100 kg, an we cannot forget the possibility of further development which can lead up to even higher weight. Please notice, that the given weights are the total weight of a scratcher, while during assembly the heaviest element weighs a few kilograms. We advise to assemble the cat tree with second person assistance, although it is possible to assemble it single-handedly. Assembly manual comes in handy – we do always add it to the scratcher. If you experience any problems, just contact us. We are always eager to help.

How often should I change a cat tree?

Cat tree, just as every other utility has a finite durability. Cotec furniture durability is on a very high level. Thanks to a modular structure, if any element gets worn, you do not need to change the whole cat tree, but only the worn parts of it. The most wearing element is a scratching column. It is clear that the sisal rope on the column is getting worn, but if you have just one cat, even intensely scratching, it will still last for many years. If you see the elements getting worn after this long time, you may consider changing the cat tree or just some parts of it. Cotec cat trees lasts out long years of usage. It isn’t worth to invest in poor quality products for a several times.

How often should I wash the covers and pillows?

It is up to you how often you decide to wash the pillows and covers. In case if you have one of the most popular breed of cat, most often it is enough to air them and/or wipe it with moist cloth and regular cleaning with a lint roller. Sphinx breed leaves sebum on their lair, so washing of the pillows and covers is highly advised. Of course the frequency of washing depends on its necessity, so if you decide that you should wash it because airing and wiping isn’t satisfactory then just wash it in the wash-mashine. We advise to wash this elements with “soft wash” option in temperature up to 40 °C.

How durable are the scrapping collumns?

The main part of Cotec cat trees construction are the collumns made of massive cardboard, finished with MDF plugs and wrapped with sisal rope. The mentioned elements fits perfectly, and that guarantees the collumns extraordinary durability. The rope is tightly and strongly wrapped on the column and will last long years of usage. Plastic collumns we often see in products made in China are just a poor ersatz of a valuable scratching column. Properly made product looks good and lasts for a long time.

Are Cotec cat trees safe for cats?

While choosing a cat tree to our pet we need to pay attention to some key features. The first and most important case is stability. It is the best to choose the most stable construction, because our cat won’t be interested in unstable cat tree which can fall over him. Next important case are the materials used in the cat tree and its adjustment. Cotec furniture is made to live up to this demands and look great as well. Every cat tree we make is stable and made with care about the future cat owners. Materials we use are ecologic and fulfil the highest quality product standards. That translates into stable, durable and safe produt to serve our cats without any concerns.

Is it important that the base of the scratcher is made out of wood?

Most of the cat trees available on the market are made on the base of particle board wrapped permanently with a fabric. This solution is quite cheap, but also problematic. Primarily the weight is often to low to keep the cat tree stable. The fabric quality is most often poor, and that effects in first usage sign. To keep this sort of element clean you need a lots of effort and the particle board absorbs water easily – that conducts in some cases even to must grow. Every disadvantage of this solutions can be overcame if you use varnished wood. Keeping wood clean is much easier and looks great. The wooden board in Cotec cat trees is thick, massive and duly preserved from moisture effects. Bases of our furniture ensures long-lasting and problem-free usage. In hindsight is translated to time and money saving in comparison to upholstered solutions.