Empfehlungen für Möbel Verwendung


To ensure long-lasting experience with Cotec brand furniture please follow the advises listed below. Well maintained furniture will not get used out to fast and our pets can use it longer.
  1. Use the furniture according with its destination. The elements, which are ment to be schratched are only the collumns. The other schratcher parts, despite its high toughness, are designed to provide fun and rest place for Your cat.
  2. Avoid the long-lasting of the wooden and lacked elements with moisture.
  3. To prevent wooden elements from swelling, buckling and dilapidating use a soft cloth or microfibre cloth to dry off the outer surface of the elements. Do not use abrasive materials which could damage the protective coating and lead to a unreversible flaws.
  4. Take care to air the room. The excessive moisture can lead to wood swelling and to cumulation of the moisture inside the pillows and covers.
  5. Once in a month air the pillows and covers to avoid it from cumulation of the unpleasant smells.
  6. Avoid the contact of the furniture elements with sharp items, which can samage the protective coating. Damaged elements are exposed to the external adverse factors.
  7. Definitely do not stand up hot items on the schratcher elements. It can cause unreversible damage and in extreme cases even fire.
  8. Do not eventuate in rising of the long-lasting dirt. It can cause discoloration of the elements.
  9. Wipe and preserve the furniture with the soft preparation that are designed to it:
    1. Plywood and wood - it is strongly recommended to use products designed to maintain wood, according to manufacturer recommendations,
    2. Pillows and covers - to remove most of the dirt You just need to use some water, paper or microfibre towell and a bit of soap. If you decide, that you need to launder the pillows and the covers, please remember that You need to wash it in temperature up to 40°C.
  10. Do not overload the furniture elements. Maximum allowable load of every element is 15 kg.

In case of any doubts concerning Cotec © furniture usage feel free to contact us.